Home Lifts for houses with more than two floors / levels.

Many modern homes have more than 2 floor levels and a lift / elevator for these types of properties might need to travel up and down 3 or more floors / storeys.

For example: A lift might start from the basement parking level or from a ground floor garage, then travel up to the next level to the kitchen, living room and dining area, then up again to the bedrooms on the next floor and finally up to the top floor or loft conversion.


Installing a lift in these types of properties can improve the current living arrangements for a family by making it far easier to get groceries, household items, buggies, prams, pieces of furniture in and out of the house whilst also future proofing the property for the owners old age and also providing access for elderly or disabled visitors, relatives and house guests who might not be able to cope with lots (or any) stairs.

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