Adapting your home for old age- Introducing the Slimline Homelift

If you are looking for a stylish compact lift capable of travelling one level (e.g. ground floor to first floor) then the Slimline Homelift might well be perfect for you- it is the modern alternative to the traditional stair lift keeping your stairs, landing and hall unaltered and obstruction free.

This “through floor” lift is a self contained unit requiring no additional walls to be built so it can be installed (or removed) in just a few days with a minimal amount of building/ construction work. It comes in a choice of  internal colours and finishes, is economical to run and you can even take it with you if you decide to move house.

Picture 1 – Lift fully raised into the bedroom


Picture 2 – Lift travelling from ground floor up into the bedroom


Picture 3 – View of bedroom when the lift is parked downstairs


Pictures 4 & 5 – Lift installed in a modern open plan kitchen / lounge


Technical Specifications:

Maximum Travel mm : 3500               Safe Working Load Kg : 250               Battery Back Up : YES

24v Controls : YES                                 Internal Lights : YES                            Lift Speed mm/sec : 60

Under Floor Protection : YES              Roof Protection : YES                      Emergency Manual Lowering : YES


Usable Platform Dimensions mm : 775 x 585/575*

Lift Footprint Dimensions mm : 920 x 905

Lift Length with Door Open mm : 1665

Minimum Shaft Width mm : 1046

Minimum Shaft Length mm : 936

Minimum First-Floor Ceiling Height mm : 2180/2315*

Mid-Floor Dimensions mm : 165 -385

* denotes travel range between 3000 mm and  3500 mm

Standard compliant (BS 5900:2012).

Standard options include:

LED Spotlights – Power door – Wireless Call Stations- High Quality Lift Buttons – Choice of Interior Colours and a Choice of Floor Finishes.


If the stairs are becoming a problem making it difficult or unsafe for you to access your first floor bedroom or bathroom and you feel that a stair lift would not suit your property then may we suggest you consider the Slimline Homelift by Oyster Mayfair.

Additional access to basement conversions or lower ground floor Granny Flats are also possible situations where a single storey lift might be a useful way of providing additional access to such areas- bearing in mind some sort of access by stairs will still be required along with other possible fire risk prevention measures that will also need to be taken into consideration.


The Slimline Homelift is designed and manufactured in England

Please note:  If you requirements are for a larger lift or for a lift that travels more than one storey then please go to the Multi-level Homelifts  page on this website.

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