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Building works and future proofing your home – by Oyster Mayfair Ltd

When planning a new build, extension or refurbishing an existing property this is probably the ideal time for most people to consider their future housing needs.

Not everyone likes to consider their own, their partners or parents, old age or the possibility of poor health, mobility problems or even disability in later life. Even if you feel that at present you do not immediately require a lift in your house why not consider keeping your options open by incorporating/ allocating space in your property building plans for where a lift could be sited if necessary at a future date.

The necessary floor space that you have reserved for a possible future lift could for example be used meanwhile, maybe for many years, as a recessed study/ home office office area which you might not need later on when you retire from work. Obviously when drawing up your plans it would be advisable to involve an architect (and maybe a lift company as well) to explore all the options including the floor plan layouts above the ground floor to where the lift would be travelling- i.e. will the lift go up into part of the landing or perhaps straight into a corner of the master bedroom and is their sufficient ceiling height/ head room for the lift on the upper floor or floors of the property. Consideration will also be needed as to how any lift will be supported, will it require a solid wall or will it be supported instead as a free standing structure? Also in the UK depending on the type and location of the lift and also the type of property involved there will be other matters that need to be considered such as building regulations including related fire safety regulations and planning permission.

So in conclusion, the idea of future proofing your home might initially seem like a bit of an effort but it could perhaps save you thousands of pounds in the future by not having to undertake building works/  property alterations later on or even save you the expense and upheaval of having to move out of your family home just because you or a member of your family can no longer safely cope with the stairs.

Here at Oyster Mayfair Ltd we offer free technical advice, free site visits and quotes, so just call us on 020 7183 3606 or email  your enquiries, plans or drawings to us.

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Multi-level Home Lifts for Period Town Houses

A typical regency or georgian town house might have a minimum of 4 floors/ storeys including a basement. There are many scenarios where due to the large number of stairs in such properties it might become desirable to install a lift/ elevator in order to create a safer and more convenient home for the householders. The installation of a suitable lift could be desirable for various reasons-

A lift could provide:

  • A safer and more convenient option for older persons who might be unsteady on their feet and have difficulty in negotiating stairs safely.
  • Enable wheelchair users and people with certain medical conditions or disabilities access to all the various floors in the property.
  • Help with the demands of daily modern living by transporting groceries, household goods, buggies, prams, cases of wine or boxes of heavy paperwork up or down to a study or home office.
  • Easy access for members of the household and their guests to and from various floor levels throughout the building via a passenger lift.

The type of lift (hydraulic or traction) for a particular property will depend upon various factors such as: the number of floors the lift will need to serve, the available dimensions within the building for the mechanical and operational components of the lift, the desired performance requirements for the lift such as: rate of travel (speed) and load capacity (weight limit).

Obviously, there are other matters to also consider when choosing a lift; including the actual design of the lift car including wall & ceiling finish options, lighting, lift door configuration (layout), type of lift door, keypad security access and other technical choices.

The overall cost of the lift can vary significantly depending on certain choices made regarding the actual type of lift selected and then the various design options that are chosen.

Oyster Mayfair will explain what options are available so you can make an informed decision that best suits your requirements. So, if you need help with a lift project please do not hesitate to contact us here at Oyster Mayfair Ltd for free advice or a free consultation site/ home visit. Call us on 020 7183 3606 or you can email us at: enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk


Home Lifts for houses with more than two floors / levels.

Many modern homes have more than 2 floor levels and a lift / elevator for these types of properties might need to travel up and down 3 or more floors / storeys.

For example: A lift might start from the basement parking level or from a ground floor garage, then travel up to the next level to the kitchen, living room and dining area, then up again to the bedrooms on the next floor and finally up to the top floor or loft conversion.


Installing a lift in these types of properties can improve the current living arrangements for a family by making it far easier to get groceries, household items, buggies, prams, pieces of furniture in and out of the house whilst also future proofing the property for the owners old age and also providing access for elderly or disabled visitors, relatives and house guests who might not be able to cope with lots (or any) stairs.

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Home Lifts – Introducing The Slimline Homelift by Oyster Mayfair

The Slimline Homelift (pictured below) is an alternative to a stair lift. Further information is available on the website at: https://www.oystermayfair.co.uk/slimline-homelift/ or you are welcome to call us on 020 7183 3606 or email us at: enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk







Oyster Mayfair can supply lifts large enough to accommodate a stretcher home bed or heavy loads such as a wheelchair user in a heavy-duty powered wheelchair accompanied by their career or other passengers in the lift. A Multi-level Homelift by Oyster Mayfair can be tailor made to meet your exact requirements and certain models can travel up to 6 levels/ floors.

For an initial discussion or free feasibility study to see how a lift may fit in your home just contact Oyster Mayfair Ltd by email at: enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk or telephone 020 7183 3606. Further information is also available on the website at: https://www.oystermayfair.co.uk/multi-level-homelifts/


Medium size lift                                                    Large lift

Oyster Mayfair’s larger lifts are also suitable for use in nursing homes and care homes.

Step Lifts – Top 10 advantages of The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair

  1. Can be used to provide wheelchair access in locations where there is not enough room for a wheelchair ramp.
  2. Retains “kerb appeal” when installed outside a property- very discreet and virtually invisible.
  3. Weatherproof- suitable for fixed installation outside with the lift automatically retracting out of sight when not in use being concealed from view below a path, driveway, paving or even an artificial grass lawn.
  4. Interior Design options- These step lifts are also suitable for fixed installation inside a property under the floor and can be made to blend in seamlessly into their surroundings.
  5. The top surface of these step lifts can be finished in almost any material such as: slate, brick, paving, tiles, marble, carpet, wood, laminate and many other floor or outdoor garden surfaces.
  6. Competitively priced- The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair is a great value invisible step lift / low rise transfer lift with low running costs.
  7. Can be operated by a handheld remote control (like a TV) or there is an option of a fixed push button lockable control panel.
  8. Comes with multiple built in safety features.
  9. Generous/ useful load capacity of up to 350kg.
  10. Choice of 3 different models of the Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair.

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Tel: 020 7183 3606 or email: enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk


Business Growth in the UK – Disabled Access – Wheelchair Users

If your business is not accessible to all disabled people, including wheelchair users, perhaps ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. How many disabled people are there in the UK?
  2. How many wheelchair users are there in the UK?
  3. What is the value of the purple pound spend in the UK?
  4. Do I want to increase my turnover/ business revenue?

Picture- The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair (Model V- Vertical travel) being installed in a London Restaurant:

What is an Invisible Step Lift?

Invisible step lifts are usually low rise transfer lifts designed to provide disabled access for wheelchair users up and down steps either inside a building or externally. Some models of low rise transfer lifts travel just vertically (up and down) whilst other models can travel vertically and then on reaching the desired travel height the top platform that the wheelchair stands on slides out horizontally bridging the gap between the steps and the floor.

The  “Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair” comes in three models, two vertical travel options and also the combined vertical and horizontal travel model. Probably the quickest and easiest way to understand this product is to watch the video of this low rise transfer lift in action which is available to view on “The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair” page on this oystermayfair.co.uk website.

Power Cuts / No electricity – Register for extra help.

Did you know that many people may be able to receive extra help from the company that owns and maintains the electricity cables and lines in your area? (this is NOT the company that you pay your electricity bill to). For example in London, the South East and East of England some people can apply to register on a Priority Services Register with UK Power Networks at


There appears to be quite allot of help on offer for pensioners, people with disabilities, people that rely on medical equipment or medicines that they must keep in the fridge, dementia sufferers, people recovering from medical treatment and households with young children.

Obviously you will need to check out the relevant company for your area and find out exactly what help they might be offering.