Welcome to our range of Multi-level Lifts and Multi-level HomeLifts where we can provide you with a choice of residential or commercial lifts tailor made to suit your exact requirements.

We have a huge range of lifts suitable for all types and styles (traditional or contemporary) of properties such as:

Town Houses, Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced Properties, Cottages, Country Residences, Flats and Penthouse Apartments.




We are happy to offer you free advice and help you through the entire process of selecting the best type of lift for your needs. 

Our Multi-Level HomeLifts are available as Hydraulic Platform Lifts or Electric Powered Traction Lifts (240 volt or 3 phase). We will advise you as to which type of lift will best suit your needs and explain the different options that are available to you taking into account various factors such as the available space for a lift within your property, the desired performance of the lift – e.g. how many floors/ levels will it serve and other operational factors such the rate of travel (speed) of the lift, the required load capacity, how quiet will the lift be and of course financial considerations- what will the lift cost and also what are the running costs.

Our lifts can be custom made to any size. We have lifts with floor sizes from under ONE meter square (about the size of an upright fridge freezer or a small shower cubicle tray). Our larger lifts have load capacities for several people with wheelchairs, heavy mobility scooters.

We can also supply custom made lifts for use in private residential  properties where there is a requirement for a lift to be large/ long enough to transport a single stretcher home bed or a long fully reclining wheelchair with a head rest.

We have lifts with different door configurations (layouts). For example, you can enter the lift car/ cabin from the front then the lift travels up or down to the desired floor/ level then you can exit the lift from the right hand side, the left hand side or even straight through and out of the back of the lift depending on the layout of the building. The ability to configure the layout of the doors can be a vital factor in designing a lift in some homes- for example when a lift with its door facing forwards directly into the room is positioned at the back of an underground or semi- basement garage then travels up to the ground floor where its door now has to open up on the left hand side of the lift car/ cabin onto a narrow hallway and then finally the lift travels up to the first floor landing where now its door has to open out of the back of the lift car/ cabin in order to avoid the banisters. In traditional homes our lifts can be hidden behind solid or plasterboard walls, we can even conceal lifts behind doors that match antique wood paneling. Alternatively if you are after a contemporary design we can supply  lifts in self-supporting structures constructed of panoramic glass fitted to a customised special finished metal framework, these glass towers can make a bold visual statement and  can even be situated inside a small stairwell.

As for the interior design choices for your lift car/ cabin, the possibilities are endless:

Walls: Wood effect, wall mirrors, leather panels, full height plate mirror glass, patterned etched glass, special metal finishes etc…

Floors: Marble, granite, tile, slate, laminate, checker plate steel, wood or carpet.

Lighting: LED ceiling lights, additional lighting around mirrors, addition floor level lighting.

We are confident that we can design a lift to suit your home that you (and us) will be proud of.


Lift Cabin (etched glass)                    Lift Cabin (wood finish)                   Large Stretcher Bed Lift


Modern Passenger Lift                         Self-supporting Glass Lift                 Another Stretcher Bed Lift

Mirrored Lift Cabin

Our Hydraulic Platform Lifts comprise of an electrically powered pump which forces hydraulic oil into a cylinder with a piston at the base of the lift which powers the lift car up or down. These lifts usually only require a normal 240 volt single phase electricity supply with some appropriate additional wiring and fuses. Typically we use this type of lift where there is a requirement to travel beyond just a single storey up to 6 levels/ floors.

Our Electric (Traction) Lifts are more expensive than our Hydraulic Platform Lifts because they can travel faster and further by using an electric motor to power a winding mechanism attached to cables, a pulley and a counterweight. This type of lift might be used in a situation such as a Town House or large property where up to 8 levels/ floors are involved or where the rate of travel (speed) of the lift becomes a significant factor after about the 4th floor level. A single phase 240 volt electricity supply is sufficient for most installations of this type though using a 3 phase electrical power supply is also an option.

For all enquiries please contact us at:

Tel: 020 7183 3606

Our email address is : enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk


We also have lifts suitable for commercial use in: Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Flats/ Apartments etc…Please see the other pages on this website for examples of our commercial lifts or stretcher bed lifts.