What is an Invisible Step Lift?

Invisible step lifts are usually low rise transfer lifts designed to provide disabled access for wheelchair users up and down steps either inside a building or externally. Some models of low rise transfer lifts travel just vertically (up and down) whilst other models can travel vertically and then on reaching the desired travel height the top platform that the wheelchair stands on slides out horizontally bridging the gap between the steps and the floor.

TheĀ  “Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair” comes in three models, two vertical travel options and also the combined vertical and horizontal travel model. Probably the quickest and easiest way to understand this product is to watch the video of this low rise transfer lift in action which is available to view on “The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair” page on this oystermayfair.co.uk website.

Power Cuts / No electricity – Register for extra help.

Did you know that many people may be able to receive extra help from the company that owns and maintains the electricity cables and lines in your area? (this is NOT the company that you pay your electricity bill to). For example in London, the South East and East of England some people can apply to register on a Priority Services Register with UK Power Networks at


There appears to be quite allot of help on offer for pensioners, people with disabilities, people that rely on medical equipment or medicines that they must keep in the fridge, dementia sufferers, people recovering from medical treatment and households with young children.

Obviously you will need to check out the relevant company for your area and find out exactly what help they might be offering.