On this page of our website you will find various press articles and also the latest news about the range of Oyster Mayfair products:

The Invisible Step Lift  by Oyster Mayfair featured in a double page magazine article published for the mobility trade by THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service) in the November 2018 edition of the THIIS magazine. See the online version of the magazine below and just scroll across to pages 6 & 7 to read the story which includes interview comments by the Marketing Manager of Oyster Mayfair Ltd.


New model launched:

A third model has been added to the range of Invisible Step Lifts by Oyster Mayfair. The new SR (Short Rise) model is capable of providing wheelchair access over a single step up to a height of 220 mm. Meanwhile the maximum travel height on models V and VH has been increased to 800 mm. The decision to launch this new model was inspired by a specific enquiry that Oyster Mayfair Ltd received from a mobility store that had seen an article about the Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair published in the THIIS Trade Magazine which is available online at: http://thiis.co.uk/

An expanded version of the above story for the mobility trade has been published online in the Supplier News section of THIIS on 7th Jan 2019:

Oyster Mayfair Ltd is the news again with another article being published about the Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair  in both a THIIS online Newsroom story (published 13/11/2018) and also in the December edition of the THIIS trade magazine (see page 21)